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Our Journey so Far…

The Universe brought Jessica and Debbie together on March 26, 1999, by way of mutual friends who unknowingly, all decided to go out to the same club that night. (Yes! We met at a club!) Well, outside in the parking lot of the club, since Jessica’s friends called ahead and asked if anyone from our group wanted Cuban sandwiches. (I know, Cuban sandwiches to a club, don’t ask!)

There was an instant attraction. One that was palpable. One that has yet to fade. Everyone could see it. Debbie fought it. She thought she was not ready for a relationship. After a month of “hanging out” with the mutual friends, Jessica’s sister invited Debbie to a birthday celebration for her 22nd birthday. At that celebration, we all made plans to go to the Keys the next day (Yes, on a Sunday, because that is what you do in your 20’s!) The rest is history!

April 25, 1999, we spent the day and well into the night at the Islamorada Tiki Bar and pool (mostly the pool!) It felt like we had known each other all our lives. We talked all day and night about everything and anything. We asked each other so many questions and everything about what we wanted in life and in a partner seemed to align perfectly. Great conversation, followed by a 2:00AM Moons Over My Hammy sandwich at Denny’s, and that day lives in infamy! From that day forward, we were stuck like glue! We consider that day our anniversary because although we did not say it, we knew we loved each other then. The “I love you” came only two weeks later, (in case you are wondering), and only because we are both strong-minded and did not want to “jump into things.” Imagine that!

So, we jumped in, nose-dived, plunged, took a chance of a lifetime, said everything, said it quickly, argued, grew, supported each other, broke up (many times…hey, we are passionate Cubans, what do you want?) got back together (after a few hours) and here we are! There is no one we would rather do it all over again than with each other!

Twenty-five years later (better late than never!) We invite you to celebrate our lives and our love for each other! For stupid reasons, you probably already know, we never had a wedding or a celebration of our love. We legally married on our 15th anniversary in New York City after our relationship was recognized (blah, blah!) (You know because Federal benefits and all!) This upcoming celebration of our love is long overdue and more than well-deserved.

We ask you to join us, if you can, as we celebrate it in one of our favorite places in the world, Amalfi Coast, Italy! ~Jessica & Debbie


Overlooking the enchanting, centuries-old fishing village of Conca dei Marini, Borgo Santandrea is a serene haven situated in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. 

Borgo Santandrea offers views from almost every area of its vertical 295 ft. Oceanside, Borgo’s stylish beach club will be the site of our long awaited celebration of love. 

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Please kindly confirm your presence by November 15, 2023.