Where to EAT.
We suggest these amazing restaurants near Hotel Tramonto d’Oro where you can spend your time tasting good Italian food and drinks:
M’ama! (main restaurant in Hotel Margherita)
Costa Diva
Casa Angelina
Bar Del Sole
Trattoria San Gennaro

What to Do and See in Praiano?

Praino is magical for its sunsets, it’s the only village where the sun slips down into the sea.

In Praiano don’t miss:

  • the Church of San Gennaro, decorated with Baroque stuccowork and made famous by the majolica-tiled dome, a symbol of the Coast, which you can also admire from our panoramic terrace;
  • the sun-kissed Gavitella cove, from which you can admire a dazzling sunset, against the backdrop of Positano and Capri;
  • the Convent of Santa Maria a Castro, which you can reach on foot from the center of Praiano, surrounded by green mountains, from which you can connect up to the Path of the Gods, among the most beautiful nature trails in the world.


DO visit Positano:

famous for the peculiar shape of the village, extending up vertically like a nativity scene with colorful houses.

DO visit Capri:

no trip to the Amalfi Coast can be truly complete without visiting the most beautiful island in the Gulf of Naples.

DO visit Amalfi:

the village that gives its name to the entire Coast, a point of interest both for the scenic beauty it offers and for the history it holds.

Then DO visit:

the town of music, so named for the concerts held in the Gardens of Villa Rufolo, a setting that is unique in the world.

a charming village that extends down along the slopes of the Lattari Mountains to the sea, reaching the famous Fiord of Furore. The village is also known for the production of excellent wine, mountain cherry tomatoes, olive oil and potatoes.

Vietri sul Mare
it is the last of the villages on the Amalfi Coast and the cradle of artistic ceramic creations. It is a must to wander through the narrow streets of the village to admire the splendid creations of the ceramists who cover the facades of churches and homes.

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